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Thursday, April 27, 2006

By the Numbers...

Ok. I agree. Way to early to analyze baseball statistics. But, why not take a look anyway... I've put together, using, a look at where the Tigers stand in relation to the entire league and just the American League. Also, I threw the White Sox in as a quasi-standard. These statistics were put together 4/27/06, the Tigers were 13-8 at the time.

Overall, The Tigers hitting (at least statistically) is a little less than average. However, their team batting average puts them among the top 1/3 in the league. Also, they are knocking a lot of balls out of the park, which is a good sign. Keep in mind they haven't played many home games yet, and as "Juan-Gone" will testify, Comerica is not an ideal home run hitting park.
Tiger pitching seems to be a bright spot this year. The addition of Kenny Rogers has worked out nicely. He is 3-2 with a 3.21 ERA (and due for a nice 3 game "W" streak). Mike Moroth pitched his first loss of the year yesterday, but still has a 3-1 record and and outstanding 1.85 ERA. Maybe the biggest difference between this and recent years is relief pitching. Todd Jones is back and has been perfect. He has 3 saves on 3 attempts. Closer Fernando Rodney has been completely and utterly stellar with 4 saves on 4 attempts. More importantly he has pitched 9 innings without giving up a single run. As you can see above the Tigers rank very high around the league in major pitching statistical categories. Especially ERA, which is arguably the most meaningful pitching stat. ERA is the bottom line, and the Tigers' bottom line is great thus far. If this pitching is sustained, it would be hard to believe the Tigers won't continue to play over .500 ball through the season.

Last Thought: So far the Tigers have kept me very interested this season. Excited? Close, but still a bit early to open myself up for disappointment. Remember, like the Lions, the Tigers have been too bad for too long to be overly joyed after 21 games. But, I hope this is sustained... Because come June, the Pistons' and Wings' seasons will be played to conclusion... And if the Tigers have slumped by then, well, I just rather not think about it right now.


Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Surfing (they have a lot of good writers)... and I came across a piece, by Gene Wojciechowski, called "Dumb and Dumber"... In it are the details of various recent moronic happenings... The one below seems to have flown somewhat under the radar (at least mine), but needs to be read... I honestly can't believe he said this... Enjoy...

Miles, in an interview with Jason Quick of the Portland Oregonian: "Yeah, you probably smelled liquor on me before. But it's not like I'm at practice drunk. I'm totally focused. I don't care if you come to practice and take a shower, once you go to practice and start sweating, it's going to come out. That doesn't mean you aren't focused or ready to practice. Like you might go out, you might get drunk and come to the gym higher than a mother, and you sweating, you smell like liquor, and you interviewing everybody. What does that mean? You still 100 percent focused. That's just ridiculous. Ask any other team, little petty stuff like that, if you ask any other coach in the NBA if they smell liquor on a player, any coach would say, 'Every year."'

Huh???? Come to practice drunk AND "higher than a mother" Not just drunk. Not just high. Drunk and "higher than a mother" (who's mother?)... Unbelievable... I wonder who he was higher than when he did this interview (Pauly Shore maybe?).

Seriously, D-Miles (if I may), if you find it necessary to go to practice drunk and high... That is fine. But, next time you are interviewed, you should really try to sober up first... for cereal.

Do yourselves a favor and read the rest here.


Playoff Chime...

"You know with Ron's questionable past, they're going to look for a way to get him,"

"Whether it's minor or major, they're going to look at it in a different way."
~ Bonzi Wells

"I didn't even see the play, but it couldn't have been that bad,”

"There was no flagrant foul or technical foul on the play. They look at things differently for certain people, you could say."
~ Mike Bibby

I must be on crazy pills. Seriously... There is no other explanation. Either Wells and Bibby have lost their minds, or I have. Ron's "questionable" past. Hmmmm? Oh... You mean the time he was hit with a cup of water, ran into the crowd, and punched a random dude in the face? That was indeed "questionable"... If the question is, "What in the hell is wrong with this guy?"

"There have been a lot of things that have happened in my career which [were] unfair. I support my teammates, and hopefully they'll win the game, and I'll be back Friday [for
Game 3]."
~ Ron Artest

What? Don't you mean… “I made a huge mistake, lost my head, and may cause my team some serious harm in this series. I apologize to Manu, my team, the fans, and the NBA.” Oh, wait, I forgot it is Ron Artest… He meant exactly what he said. Not his fault. Big NBA conspiracy. Get off his back.

Look, Artest’s past is not “questionable” it is air tight… The man is a lunatic. When he played for the Bulls he tried to get a job at Circuit City, for the discount. He wanted to take time off from a season, when still with the Pacers, to promote an album. He ran into the crowd and punched a random fan right in the face, and his team still had his back. Then he put an end to any chance the Pacers had at a title run by asking for a trade. Now he throws a forearm straight into the face of Manu Ginobli and people want to throw him excuses. Well, not me. Artest is, and deserves to be, under a microscope the rest of his career… He just isn’t right in the head.

Artest really needs to realize that his past is built on rocky ground, and that cannot be changed. After the brawl he was given a golden opportunity to come back this season, play an enormous role for a good Pacers team, and begin to change his reputation. Instead he unexplainably asks for a trade, plays a handful of well-behaved games, and then throws a forearm shiver into Manu Ginobli.

Should Bonzi Wells, or the other Kings, condemn him? I would say no. That would probably lead to another trade demand. But, no excuses should be offered. This is a man who possesses one of the craziest and ugly pasts in NBA history. Also, a man who is already on his third fresh start, and shouldn’t need another.

(All quotes are from the AP)


Wednesday, April 19, 2006


The NBA MVP debate is nothing new. And, like everyone else, I believe there are a few players that you can make a good argument for. But let me tell you something right now... There is a certain Canadian, who is starting to mount so much support it makes me sick...

Steve Nash is not, should not, and I hope to God will not be crowned this year's MVP. If you ask me, he shouldn't have won last year, but that is old news.

Now, I realize I am biased when it comes to this race, but, the name Chauncey Billups should completely eliminate any chance of a Canadian repeat. Look, hands down, Chauncey Billups is the best point guard in the league, but more importantly he IS DEFINITELY better than Steve Nash.

To make my case I've put together a look at the box scores for the only 2 games they have played against each other this year. Keep in mind the pistons won them both.

Obviously, Billups owns Nash. Nash cannot contain Billups, and Billups completely shuts Nash down. Why? Because Billups is better. Billups scored 62 points on 38 shots... that is just sick. Nash had 1 more assist, but 2 more turnovers.

Possible Argument: Someone might point out that Nash's poor performances against the Pistons cannot be completely attributed to Billups' defense. But, I'll point out that the Suns averaged 103 in those games. Obviously not all the Suns experienced the same problems as Nash. Which leads me to believe Chauncey played a huge role in Nash's offensive struggles. Billups was 2005 All-Defensive Second Team. Something Nash could only dream of. Which is one more reason to add in favor of Billups.

Now, the whole league has accepted Billups' alter ego, "Mr. Big Shot". Why? Because he is friggin' clutch... That's why!!! I decided to go through the schedules and compare the Pistons and Suns' records against the other top 5 teams (San Antonio, Dallas, Miami, Phoenix, and Detroit). Below shows why Billups deserves that reputation, and also shows that Nash cannot be considered nearly as clutch as Billups. The chart has each player's team's record against the other top 5, and how many times the respective player was their team's leading scorer in those games(Note: The Suns have played 12 against those teams, but Nash missed one of them, which is reflected on the chart). "Yeah, but Nash isn't the Suns' leading scorerer the rest of the year." Well, Billups isn't the leading scorer for the Pistons either, but when there are big games to be won, there is Billups leading the way.Now, I am not in any way trying to make the case that Billups has to be MVP (although he should be considered just as much as anyone). I am only pointing out that because of Billups, Steve Nash should have absolutely no chance whatsoever in winning this award. Also, he should never be put ahead of Billups on anyone's ballot. If there were 100 criteria for choosing an MVP, I would imagine Billups would have the edge over Nash in 95 of them (at least)...

Final Note: If Steve Nash wins a second MVP (worth pointing out that it would be a feat Shaq hasn't even accomplished) it would be an absolute travesty to the game. I honestly believe that is no exaggeration. Billups is simply better than Nash... There should be no questions asked. How important is Billups to the Pistons? Well, he was the Finals MVP when they won the championship for starters. Also, I believe it to be no coincidence that in arguably Billups' best year in the NBA, his team happens to set a franchise record for victories. Billups is as important to the Pistons as Nash is to the Suns. As well, he is every bit the on court leader as Nash. He dominated Nash in regular season play, he is more clutch, and a proven champion... What more needs to be said?


Neat Oh

NBA fans do yourselves a favor and check out "NBA 101: What this season taught us" on It is a list of 101 lessons learned throughout the 05/06 NBA season.

One of my favorites...

54. 81 is better than 100
After Kobe exploded against the Raptors, some pundits said his 81-point game was better than Wilt's 100-point game. Next time you get a $100 dinner bill, try settling up by giving the waiter $81. See if he thinks 81 is better than 100. --

Side-Note: If anyone was watching the Lakers game over Easter weekend, you may have seen a little debate between Pippen and I believe Mark Jackson, during halftime. I would have to agree with Pippen that Kobe is no Jordan... Not until he wins at least 3 Shaq-less rings. Pippen took the subject a little personally, but I mean, Jordan did win him 6 titles.


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Getting Pumped...

Wojo's (Bob Wojnowski) article about Steve Yzerman this weekend is a must read. I know most do not need any more reasons to be pumped up for this year's Stanley Cup run, but hey, who doesn't enjoy a fine piece of writing... Especially when it is about the all time Wing great, Stevie Y.

Click here to go to the article.

Big Little Three

As I looked over the boxscore for the Pistons/Bucks game yesterday, I was very pleased with 3 players in particular. Carlos Delfino, Jason Maxiell, and Amir Johnson all were extremely productive. Johnson and Maxiell are rookies, and the argument could be made that Delfino is basically one as well.
Now, I realize the Pistons lost. But, it should be pointed out that the Bucks still have meaning to their season, and were still playing their starters quite a bit. The player combinations the Pistons had on the court, were needless to say, very irregular. Those guys are not used to playing together, especially considering Johnson has been playing in the D-League for a large part of the year. So, outcome of the game aside, I believe the productivity of these 3 players is a really good sign for future of the franchise.

Amir Johnson especially seems to have quite the upside. Earlier in the year I read an article, I believe in the Detroit News, that referenced a Pistons scrimmage where he dunked basically from the free throw line (That was during play and not a dunk contest). He is listed at 6 feet 9 inches and weighs 210 pounds. He has been averaging 17 points and 7 rebounds in the D-League. Most importantly is his age. He doesn't turn 19 for two weeks. Look at his stats for last night's game, and think about this: That was really his first NBA game (In his NBA debut he only played 4 minutes). Johnson was the 56th pick overall of last year's draft... And, right now, it looks like it could end up being an absolute steal.

Delfino's playing time this year has been both limited and sporadic. There doesn't seem to be much question regarding his skills though. Well, at least in my opinion. Yesterday, he performed what I thought was an amazing sign of what he can offer. He drove into the center of the lane, did a 360, and barely missed a left handed kiss off the glass. The shot was immediately thunder dunked in by Jason Maxiell. Although he missed the shot the move was still very impressive, and the attention he received by the defense allowed Maxiell to sneak in for the put-back. I truly believe Delfino will be a productive NBA starter when he gets the chance. I just hope that the Pistons are able to hold on to him long enough for it to happen here (or at least trade him before losing him for nothing).

Jason Maxiell, may possess the least "star" potential, but I believe he has already shown what you can expect from him every game. Passion, toughness, and hard work. Three qualities that Joe Dumars has brought with him from the "Bad Boys" days. The aforementioned put-back dunk by Maxiell, on Delfino's miss, was a statement. It said, "Get the hell out my way before someone gets hurt." Maxiell is listed at 6 feet and 7 inches, and weighs 260 pounds. He may benefit from a little quickness boost over the summer, but for now, he looks like someone capable of putting in good minutes in the NBA. The obvious physical comparison between he and Charles Barkley has been pointed out, I am sure. He doesn't strike me as capable of putting up Barkley type offensive numbers, but he does seem like the type of player who is only going to get better and better every year he plays. Not to mention, when Barkley broke in, he didn't strike anyone as a Hall-of-Famer.


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Giddy as a school girl...

Well, playoff season is fast approaching. And, as we all know, this year is very special. Yesterday, the Wings locked the Presidents' Trophy (meaning they will finish 1st overall for the regular season). The Pistons, currently stand as the favorite for the NBA's respective award. Simply amazing, and that cannot be said enough.

The Red Wings are getting old, and who knows, this could be the last Cup run for many of the veterans who collectively define this Wing's era. Stanley Cups, needless to say, are hard to come by. And this Wings team has won three for our great city... (Side note: Would have to research this a little, but as far as I know, the Wings have not changed their roster since that first Cup). I mean... Detroit has become Hockey Town... There is no other American city that has embraced its hockey team the way Detroit has for the past 10+ years. And, our boys in red and white, will need every bit of that support (if not more) for this run. This Cup could be very important. If they win a 4th... There is no more debate. Not Colorado... Sorry New Jersey... The Wings are simply the best of this era, hands down, and a dynasty... If you cannot use that word for what the Wings have accomplished in past 10+ years, then I'm not sure how to use it.

I remember being made a fool when I proclaimed "Big things are on the horizon for this Pistons team...", about 5 years ago. After Big Ben's first year, and before the second one was even close to under way... I declared him the best defensive player in the NBA... I was called a fool... Well, about 5 years later, here they are for the third straight year... Gearing up for another deep playoff run. Amazingly, like the Wings, they will most likely finish first overall for the regular season... Jesus, how lucky can we get?

Also, like the Wings, this playoff run is very important for this Piston's team (actually more important). After 2 over-achieving (as outsiders said at the time) 50 win seasons, the third ended with rings all around. What did the non-believers say? "L.A. lost it for themselves, and Detroit was lucky." Then throughout the next year the Pistons still never received the credit they deserved... Their game 7 loss to San Antonio only made it worse. Before this season bagan the Pistons were put below a handful of teams on most analyst's pre-season predictions. But, here they stand, with the best record in the league (currently)... And a very legitimate chance to seal there fate as one of the best NBA teams ever formed. Chauncey "buh-buh-buh" Billups has solidified his role as an NBA "super star"... I won't listen to an argument that says otherwise. Hands down, best point guard in the league, and if that doesn't make you a super star, I'm really not sure what does... (Shoe contract?... he has one of those too)... So, now that these Pistons have the "super star" everyone has been saying they needed for the last 5 years... Only that second championship (A third would make it undeniable) stands in the way of the amazing legacy, they have already begun to write...

Thank You Wings. Thank You Pistons... For making the last 134 years of Lions football, and the last 15 years of Tigers baseball... Completely irrelevant for a few months...


Financial Woes...

According to an article in the Detroit Free Press, Darron McCarty has filed for bankruptcy. His debt largely seems to stem from gambling and bad business decisions.

Darron has cemented his legacy in Detroit sports lore. His beat down of Claude Le-Turdstain brought almighty redemption to the Motor City, and was the spark the Wings needed to bring home that first Cup (of the most recent 3). For those same reasons I'm sure he will see much sympathy and support from fans and players... So he doesn't need mine.

I'm sure Darron, so long as he pulls himself together, will be fine. There is nothing to help recent bankruptcy more than being a professional athlete... Darron makes $850,000 a year, to throw on blades, and skate around an ice rink with his buddies. He will be OK. I don't like the fact that Darron has found himself in this trouble. I really like him too, just like all of you (which is about 4 people reading this). I was extremely disappointed to find out he wasn't going to be a Red Wing anymore, and I will always love the guy for what he did in the Wings uniform, and the charitable work he did out of it. My opinion about him as a player or a decent guy won't change.

But, come this time next year ... He'll probably already have more money than me, and just about anyone I know.


Monday, April 10, 2006

Just Friggin Great...

Well, after giving up 5 runs in less than 6 innings, Kenny Rogers decided to give us an early glimpse of what all Tigers fans were hoping we had seen the last of.

According to an article on Kenny Rogers caused a bit of a "scene" after his second outing for the Tigers. According to the article, Rogers, was less than timely when making himself available to the media after pitching against his former team, Texas. When finally reaching the media he asked, "Anyone from Texas?"... The press conference didn't proceed, according to the article, until 2 members of the press(Texans) left.

For me, this is all a sign that the highly touted (in Detroit that is) 2006 Tigers, have their work cut out for them this season. There seemed to be some major drama queens in last year's locker-room. Most of which are still changing in it. Seems, also, they may have added one more.

Overly blessed, we Detroiters are, by what seems to be a bunch of stand out guys playing for the Wings and Pistons. Which obviously plays a factor in my, and other's, disgust for locker-room drama clubs... Especially when the Tigers are coming off a year that featured multiple long running plays (Including the award winning "When Pudge left with no good bye" and "What exactly is it that crawled up Pudge's ass?"). So, Kenny, let me be the first (somehow I doubt I'm the first, but I'll write it anyway) to let you know that Detroit Sports are shaped by a "blue collar" attitude... They really are... And your antics of the past, and the most recent, do not belong here... So next time you feel the urge to remind all of us why we had our doubts in the first place I want you to consider a few things.

  1. This is not L.A.
  2. Your money is our money.
  3. We are all very partial to the Colonel's chicken, and not yours.

Final Note: Mr. Rogers... We want to love you, and we'll always love the Tigers... So please, at least while you are wearing the Detroit Tigers uniform, just swallow your friggin' pride... Ok? That is all we ask... if you do that... and maybe win some games this year... You will be treated like the "hero" you feel you should.


Honorable Kicks

During the lead up to the NBA all-star game I was "surfing" ESPN's site, and I found myself looking at their all-star shoe preview. I used to be a bit of a basketball shoe buff back in my day(owned a pair of "Ewing's" no big deal), but after I cut my teeth in the work force, I realized that basketball shoes were one of the most over-priced pieces of Shiite; EVER known to man. On the site they showed Kobe, Duncan, Wade, Lebron, Nash, Iverson, and Shaq's all-star kicks...

Now, I know that I am not the first to point out that basketball shoes are retarded expensive. Yet, the problem as I see it; the situation is getting worse. This is exemplified by the fact that Tim Duncan's shoes (that have an effing micro chip processing something or other) cost $250. That is two-hundred and fifty... dollars. One more time, to really bring the point home, two-hundred and fifty dollars. Unlike Spreewell, I imagine Duncan is making enough just on his basketball salary to feed his kids... Even if he had 432... As well, I imagine, he doesn't lend his name to Addidas without a substantial check first. With that said, there is no possible explanation Duncan could give... that should lead anyone to buy his shoes. Now before I'm labeled a "Duncan hatin' Piston fan" I'd like to say I really like Duncan as a player. If I were a GM, I would want him on my team, absolutely no doubt. He also, isn't the only person that deserves flak. The rest of those players on the list all have shoes that average around $140. Except for one.

Shaq To The Rescue !!!

Yes, put the kids to bed folks, because I bought those magnificent beauties at Kmart (they go for 35 bucks and have real leather action). I'm not going to make Shaq sound like some kind of American Hero. Because he isn't. Not one bit. He is a man who makes millions to play a game, and that is crazy. But, seems to me that there will always be people with more than they need or deserve... So if they all were more like Shaq... I'd like to think things would be a tiny bit better. Well, I feel a tear coming, I'd better go smash something, before it surfaces.


Thursday, April 06, 2006

And it's not Teyshaun

No, this Prince is actually quite the opposite. He stands only 6ft tall, and weighs 260 pounds. He plays first and bats lefty. He also bears a heart warming resemblance to his father... Cecil Fielder. The name, Cecil, invokes (at least for me) a yearning for the Tigers "good ole" days... Which would really be better described as the "not so bad" days. The team wasn't all that impressive, but we did have some offensive heavy weights that were fun to watch... Especially Cecil, a man with the classic home run hitter's body. I can still vividly remember listening, with my father, to the radio broadcast of when Cecil hit 50. Of course that was when 50 meant something... A time before the strike. Before the roids.

Now things have come full circle, which sports often do. Prince Fielder, is getting his chance with the Brewers this year, and this blogger couldn't be happier. My first reaction was to question why the little yet big, Fielder, is not donning the old english D. So I researched Prince's draft on, and discovered that he was selected by the Brewers with the 7th pick overall of the 2002 draft. The Tigers, unfortunately, had the 8th. Now I guess they could have traded down, but I don't really think that argument is necessary. As a sports fan there is a point where one has to realize not everything can work out like the movies. Draft picks, and trades, cannot be motivated soley on the emotion they may provoke. Although, with the Tigers draft history over the last 10 to 15 years, maybe the provoked emotions would have been a better criteria than whatever it is exactly they are using.

Ok, as this post seems to wind down, I'm sure you are asking yourself, "Just what in the hell is the point of all this?"... Well, as a Tigers fan who remembers those early 90s sluggers, and was especially partial, as many were, to Cecil... I want to see Prince Fielder succeed in this league. No, I need to see Prince succeed. Ideally, one day, it will be in a Tigers uniform... Maybe even leading the team towards the playoffs... But, if it isn't... I'll still be rooting for him, and I will still be disappointed if he fails...

Final Note:
Last I remember Cecil had found himself in a bit of a mess. Which I am troubled to hear... Although his decisions cannot be excused... I still remember him as probably the nicest professional athlete I will ever meet. When I was a wee lad, I had a nice little hook-up for Tigers games, and so was able to roam Tiger Stadium before the gates were open. On a couple of occasions, there was Cecil, sitting in the empty seats in right field, chatting it up with an usher. Even though I couldn't have been more than 9 years old, I realized that was cool. That Cecil was a decent guy. Which is why I really hope, that Prince can produce... and that maybe some of those "good guy" traits rubbed off on him.


Calmer than you are.

Ok folks. The Tigers, as most of you already know, are currently two and oh. Which is outstanding, I suppose. I have to admit that as a Tigers fan my favorite time of the year is the off-season. Well, at least in the last 10 years anyway. Because that is when you get all the hype, and none of the losing that usually goes with it. I know what you are thinking. "Man, this guy is just a Tigers basher, and they got leyland, and Pudge had off-season surgery to remove that giant stick up his ass... and Bondo's gunna be an ace... blah blah blah."

Look... you don't have to go over that anymore... It has been beaten to death. Leyland isn't going to put up with anything. Kenny Rogers has a fastball greasier than his chicken. The rest of the Tigers have realized that Polanco doesn't have an ego, his head is literally just that big. I know. I know... Spare me.

I've been a Tigers fan way too long now to get excited before the 60th game mark. Because for the last 10 years (maybe longer), the season hasn't really been relevant after that point. There may have been a couple of seasons that were still salvageable by the 60th game, but as we all know, salvaged they weren't.

With that said, maybe this is the year. And, I will be the first to say that I hope to friggin God (We'd also except Vishnu, Allah, Buddha...) that this will finally be a turn around year. Are they a Series contender? C'mon. Could they make the playoffs? Um, maybe, if everything good said about them in the past 2 weeks turns out to ride all the way through the season. But, more realistically, they have a chance to not suck this year . And if they don't suck after 60 games... Then by George this could be a fun summer. But, for now, I'm just too busy with the Wings and Pistons... I mean for the love of God, they (as well as the Tigers oddly) are first place overall in their respective leagues. Simply amazing... Detroit without a doubt (at least in my opinion) has the best current sports scene in the Country.

One issue, that seems to be flying somewhat under the radar right now, is that Kenny Rogers was pulled on opening day because of tightness in his back... My first thought when Rogers joined the club, and admittedly not an original one, was his age... Could he still do it? And, if on opening day he is being pulled because of tightness in his back... This is not a good sign, and I just hope it isn't a bad one.

Final Note: I love Detroit sports, and I love the Tigers. Always have. But, for now, I just won't allow myself to get too excited until that 60th game. Although, if they are 25-10 after 35 games, I may be singing a different tune... That sports for you.


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Open Letter To Bud...

Mr. Selig,

As a baseball fan, speaking the opinion of other fans (at least I think), please for the love of all that is holy... Just retire already... I'm sorry to be so rude, but basically, as the commissioner of the MLB... You just suck. If you could take 345 of the sweetest vacuums ever known to man, and put them together to form the ultimate "sucking machine"... You would suck about 3.2 times more than that...

Baseball, Mr. Selig, was once America's game. My game. Our game. It was a holy sanctuary... and to quote The Dude..."you fucked it up!." Now, I suppose to put all of baseball's woes on you is a bit unfair. I can't, with an honest face, say that you have "caused" the problems that exist in baseball today. But, your lack of effort to correct it, and your constant "back turning" towards the problems, has led me to the conclusion that you need to go. I am sorry, but that is just the only solution I see fit.

As evidence of my case I would like to pose the question, "Just what in the hell was that World Baseball Cup fiasco?" Hmmm??? Any explanation??? Was that your idea??? Did you know that the final featured only 1(one) pro ball player... Do you realize how horrible for baseball that is?

Also, I remember how great the "home run race" a few years past was for baseball. Man, watching all those roid ragers drop their bats and ding homers with their bare hands... God that was great. Unfortunately, while steroid use could be attributed as helpful towards that momentary resurgence of baseball... What you lacked was the foresight to see that eventually it was all going to blow up right in your face. Now, at the time, there were definitely more people enjoying the race, than arguing against the use of roids... But, as the friggin commish... you need to be able to look into the future, and determine what overall effects things have on the game... And, in that duty, you failed miserably. So just retire.

Without going into much detail... I'll only write two phrases "revenue sharing" and "salary cap"... For the lack of a proper form of both being in MLB, now in the year two thousand and six, please retire...

Without turning this into a novel (I'll leave that to Mr. Costas) I beg you, Mr. Bud "Light" Selig, just walk away from the game, and don't look back... Ever.

~ Bladdy

Sheed not a victim.

Ok... after yesterday's game I am watching FSN's post game coverage... And about a brazillion times I am subjected to their analysis that Sheed is getting bogus techs, and basically he just has a bad rep, and that is the only reason why he gets these techs. They brought it up during 3 different segments (at least). This type of "media created" story (and this one specifically) is why I have begun this blog. Becuase I know, all around today, there are people who watched the post game show, and are blabbing things like "Oh, the Refs hate the Pistons.... They don't get any calls. The league hates Sheed, and that is the only reason why he gets so many Techs...."

And so I am here to bring everyone back to reality for a second. If you are any type of basketball fan (at least pro ball) you may remember the "Sheed" that used to play for the Trail Blazers... He set the league record, I believe, for technical fouls in a season(right around 113,000). HE built himself a reputation... that to say the least... was not of a quiet guy. Now, unless you think there was a league conspiracy back then... Maybe David Stern telling his right hand man "You know, we really need a guy that we can start giving techs to with absolutely no good reason. Someone to become the 'badass' of the league... Let's see, close my eyes, pick a name from this hat that happens to have every NBA player's name in it.... let's see... Oh, this will work... Rasheed Wallace... Tell the refs to just start giving him techs if he even looks like he is thinking about saying anything..."

Ok... obviously that wasn't the case... Rasheed set the record because he did take things way over the line sometimes. He said and did things he shouldn't have... Which leads to a reputation. Which leads to the occasional tech that may not be 100% deserved. But, to say that now he is being treated unfairly is just stupid... and a non story... created soley for the purpose to fill about 6.7 minutes of post game show...

Let me finish with the fact that I am a huge fan of Rasheed's. It is impossible to say that he isn't a huge piece of the Piston's championship puzzle. And, so long as his techs don't hurt the team... I guess I really could't care less about them... But, just cuz he plays for the Pistons, and I am a die hard Piston fan, doesn't mean I have to create or accept excuses for them.

~ Bladdy