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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Sheed not a victim.

Ok... after yesterday's game I am watching FSN's post game coverage... And about a brazillion times I am subjected to their analysis that Sheed is getting bogus techs, and basically he just has a bad rep, and that is the only reason why he gets these techs. They brought it up during 3 different segments (at least). This type of "media created" story (and this one specifically) is why I have begun this blog. Becuase I know, all around today, there are people who watched the post game show, and are blabbing things like "Oh, the Refs hate the Pistons.... They don't get any calls. The league hates Sheed, and that is the only reason why he gets so many Techs...."

And so I am here to bring everyone back to reality for a second. If you are any type of basketball fan (at least pro ball) you may remember the "Sheed" that used to play for the Trail Blazers... He set the league record, I believe, for technical fouls in a season(right around 113,000). HE built himself a reputation... that to say the least... was not of a quiet guy. Now, unless you think there was a league conspiracy back then... Maybe David Stern telling his right hand man "You know, we really need a guy that we can start giving techs to with absolutely no good reason. Someone to become the 'badass' of the league... Let's see, close my eyes, pick a name from this hat that happens to have every NBA player's name in it.... let's see... Oh, this will work... Rasheed Wallace... Tell the refs to just start giving him techs if he even looks like he is thinking about saying anything..."

Ok... obviously that wasn't the case... Rasheed set the record because he did take things way over the line sometimes. He said and did things he shouldn't have... Which leads to a reputation. Which leads to the occasional tech that may not be 100% deserved. But, to say that now he is being treated unfairly is just stupid... and a non story... created soley for the purpose to fill about 6.7 minutes of post game show...

Let me finish with the fact that I am a huge fan of Rasheed's. It is impossible to say that he isn't a huge piece of the Piston's championship puzzle. And, so long as his techs don't hurt the team... I guess I really could't care less about them... But, just cuz he plays for the Pistons, and I am a die hard Piston fan, doesn't mean I have to create or accept excuses for them.

~ Bladdy


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