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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


The NBA MVP debate is nothing new. And, like everyone else, I believe there are a few players that you can make a good argument for. But let me tell you something right now... There is a certain Canadian, who is starting to mount so much support it makes me sick...

Steve Nash is not, should not, and I hope to God will not be crowned this year's MVP. If you ask me, he shouldn't have won last year, but that is old news.

Now, I realize I am biased when it comes to this race, but, the name Chauncey Billups should completely eliminate any chance of a Canadian repeat. Look, hands down, Chauncey Billups is the best point guard in the league, but more importantly he IS DEFINITELY better than Steve Nash.

To make my case I've put together a look at the box scores for the only 2 games they have played against each other this year. Keep in mind the pistons won them both.

Obviously, Billups owns Nash. Nash cannot contain Billups, and Billups completely shuts Nash down. Why? Because Billups is better. Billups scored 62 points on 38 shots... that is just sick. Nash had 1 more assist, but 2 more turnovers.

Possible Argument: Someone might point out that Nash's poor performances against the Pistons cannot be completely attributed to Billups' defense. But, I'll point out that the Suns averaged 103 in those games. Obviously not all the Suns experienced the same problems as Nash. Which leads me to believe Chauncey played a huge role in Nash's offensive struggles. Billups was 2005 All-Defensive Second Team. Something Nash could only dream of. Which is one more reason to add in favor of Billups.

Now, the whole league has accepted Billups' alter ego, "Mr. Big Shot". Why? Because he is friggin' clutch... That's why!!! I decided to go through the schedules and compare the Pistons and Suns' records against the other top 5 teams (San Antonio, Dallas, Miami, Phoenix, and Detroit). Below shows why Billups deserves that reputation, and also shows that Nash cannot be considered nearly as clutch as Billups. The chart has each player's team's record against the other top 5, and how many times the respective player was their team's leading scorer in those games(Note: The Suns have played 12 against those teams, but Nash missed one of them, which is reflected on the chart). "Yeah, but Nash isn't the Suns' leading scorerer the rest of the year." Well, Billups isn't the leading scorer for the Pistons either, but when there are big games to be won, there is Billups leading the way.Now, I am not in any way trying to make the case that Billups has to be MVP (although he should be considered just as much as anyone). I am only pointing out that because of Billups, Steve Nash should have absolutely no chance whatsoever in winning this award. Also, he should never be put ahead of Billups on anyone's ballot. If there were 100 criteria for choosing an MVP, I would imagine Billups would have the edge over Nash in 95 of them (at least)...

Final Note: If Steve Nash wins a second MVP (worth pointing out that it would be a feat Shaq hasn't even accomplished) it would be an absolute travesty to the game. I honestly believe that is no exaggeration. Billups is simply better than Nash... There should be no questions asked. How important is Billups to the Pistons? Well, he was the Finals MVP when they won the championship for starters. Also, I believe it to be no coincidence that in arguably Billups' best year in the NBA, his team happens to set a franchise record for victories. Billups is as important to the Pistons as Nash is to the Suns. As well, he is every bit the on court leader as Nash. He dominated Nash in regular season play, he is more clutch, and a proven champion... What more needs to be said?



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