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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Open Letter To Bud...

Mr. Selig,

As a baseball fan, speaking the opinion of other fans (at least I think), please for the love of all that is holy... Just retire already... I'm sorry to be so rude, but basically, as the commissioner of the MLB... You just suck. If you could take 345 of the sweetest vacuums ever known to man, and put them together to form the ultimate "sucking machine"... You would suck about 3.2 times more than that...

Baseball, Mr. Selig, was once America's game. My game. Our game. It was a holy sanctuary... and to quote The Dude..."you fucked it up!." Now, I suppose to put all of baseball's woes on you is a bit unfair. I can't, with an honest face, say that you have "caused" the problems that exist in baseball today. But, your lack of effort to correct it, and your constant "back turning" towards the problems, has led me to the conclusion that you need to go. I am sorry, but that is just the only solution I see fit.

As evidence of my case I would like to pose the question, "Just what in the hell was that World Baseball Cup fiasco?" Hmmm??? Any explanation??? Was that your idea??? Did you know that the final featured only 1(one) pro ball player... Do you realize how horrible for baseball that is?

Also, I remember how great the "home run race" a few years past was for baseball. Man, watching all those roid ragers drop their bats and ding homers with their bare hands... God that was great. Unfortunately, while steroid use could be attributed as helpful towards that momentary resurgence of baseball... What you lacked was the foresight to see that eventually it was all going to blow up right in your face. Now, at the time, there were definitely more people enjoying the race, than arguing against the use of roids... But, as the friggin commish... you need to be able to look into the future, and determine what overall effects things have on the game... And, in that duty, you failed miserably. So just retire.

Without going into much detail... I'll only write two phrases "revenue sharing" and "salary cap"... For the lack of a proper form of both being in MLB, now in the year two thousand and six, please retire...

Without turning this into a novel (I'll leave that to Mr. Costas) I beg you, Mr. Bud "Light" Selig, just walk away from the game, and don't look back... Ever.

~ Bladdy


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