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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Neat Oh

NBA fans do yourselves a favor and check out "NBA 101: What this season taught us" on It is a list of 101 lessons learned throughout the 05/06 NBA season.

One of my favorites...

54. 81 is better than 100
After Kobe exploded against the Raptors, some pundits said his 81-point game was better than Wilt's 100-point game. Next time you get a $100 dinner bill, try settling up by giving the waiter $81. See if he thinks 81 is better than 100. --

Side-Note: If anyone was watching the Lakers game over Easter weekend, you may have seen a little debate between Pippen and I believe Mark Jackson, during halftime. I would have to agree with Pippen that Kobe is no Jordan... Not until he wins at least 3 Shaq-less rings. Pippen took the subject a little personally, but I mean, Jordan did win him 6 titles.



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