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Monday, April 10, 2006

Just Friggin Great...

Well, after giving up 5 runs in less than 6 innings, Kenny Rogers decided to give us an early glimpse of what all Tigers fans were hoping we had seen the last of.

According to an article on Kenny Rogers caused a bit of a "scene" after his second outing for the Tigers. According to the article, Rogers, was less than timely when making himself available to the media after pitching against his former team, Texas. When finally reaching the media he asked, "Anyone from Texas?"... The press conference didn't proceed, according to the article, until 2 members of the press(Texans) left.

For me, this is all a sign that the highly touted (in Detroit that is) 2006 Tigers, have their work cut out for them this season. There seemed to be some major drama queens in last year's locker-room. Most of which are still changing in it. Seems, also, they may have added one more.

Overly blessed, we Detroiters are, by what seems to be a bunch of stand out guys playing for the Wings and Pistons. Which obviously plays a factor in my, and other's, disgust for locker-room drama clubs... Especially when the Tigers are coming off a year that featured multiple long running plays (Including the award winning "When Pudge left with no good bye" and "What exactly is it that crawled up Pudge's ass?"). So, Kenny, let me be the first (somehow I doubt I'm the first, but I'll write it anyway) to let you know that Detroit Sports are shaped by a "blue collar" attitude... They really are... And your antics of the past, and the most recent, do not belong here... So next time you feel the urge to remind all of us why we had our doubts in the first place I want you to consider a few things.

  1. This is not L.A.
  2. Your money is our money.
  3. We are all very partial to the Colonel's chicken, and not yours.

Final Note: Mr. Rogers... We want to love you, and we'll always love the Tigers... So please, at least while you are wearing the Detroit Tigers uniform, just swallow your friggin' pride... Ok? That is all we ask... if you do that... and maybe win some games this year... You will be treated like the "hero" you feel you should.



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