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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Calmer than you are.

Ok folks. The Tigers, as most of you already know, are currently two and oh. Which is outstanding, I suppose. I have to admit that as a Tigers fan my favorite time of the year is the off-season. Well, at least in the last 10 years anyway. Because that is when you get all the hype, and none of the losing that usually goes with it. I know what you are thinking. "Man, this guy is just a Tigers basher, and they got leyland, and Pudge had off-season surgery to remove that giant stick up his ass... and Bondo's gunna be an ace... blah blah blah."

Look... you don't have to go over that anymore... It has been beaten to death. Leyland isn't going to put up with anything. Kenny Rogers has a fastball greasier than his chicken. The rest of the Tigers have realized that Polanco doesn't have an ego, his head is literally just that big. I know. I know... Spare me.

I've been a Tigers fan way too long now to get excited before the 60th game mark. Because for the last 10 years (maybe longer), the season hasn't really been relevant after that point. There may have been a couple of seasons that were still salvageable by the 60th game, but as we all know, salvaged they weren't.

With that said, maybe this is the year. And, I will be the first to say that I hope to friggin God (We'd also except Vishnu, Allah, Buddha...) that this will finally be a turn around year. Are they a Series contender? C'mon. Could they make the playoffs? Um, maybe, if everything good said about them in the past 2 weeks turns out to ride all the way through the season. But, more realistically, they have a chance to not suck this year . And if they don't suck after 60 games... Then by George this could be a fun summer. But, for now, I'm just too busy with the Wings and Pistons... I mean for the love of God, they (as well as the Tigers oddly) are first place overall in their respective leagues. Simply amazing... Detroit without a doubt (at least in my opinion) has the best current sports scene in the Country.

One issue, that seems to be flying somewhat under the radar right now, is that Kenny Rogers was pulled on opening day because of tightness in his back... My first thought when Rogers joined the club, and admittedly not an original one, was his age... Could he still do it? And, if on opening day he is being pulled because of tightness in his back... This is not a good sign, and I just hope it isn't a bad one.

Final Note: I love Detroit sports, and I love the Tigers. Always have. But, for now, I just won't allow myself to get too excited until that 60th game. Although, if they are 25-10 after 35 games, I may be singing a different tune... That sports for you.



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