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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Financial Woes...

According to an article in the Detroit Free Press, Darron McCarty has filed for bankruptcy. His debt largely seems to stem from gambling and bad business decisions.

Darron has cemented his legacy in Detroit sports lore. His beat down of Claude Le-Turdstain brought almighty redemption to the Motor City, and was the spark the Wings needed to bring home that first Cup (of the most recent 3). For those same reasons I'm sure he will see much sympathy and support from fans and players... So he doesn't need mine.

I'm sure Darron, so long as he pulls himself together, will be fine. There is nothing to help recent bankruptcy more than being a professional athlete... Darron makes $850,000 a year, to throw on blades, and skate around an ice rink with his buddies. He will be OK. I don't like the fact that Darron has found himself in this trouble. I really like him too, just like all of you (which is about 4 people reading this). I was extremely disappointed to find out he wasn't going to be a Red Wing anymore, and I will always love the guy for what he did in the Wings uniform, and the charitable work he did out of it. My opinion about him as a player or a decent guy won't change.

But, come this time next year ... He'll probably already have more money than me, and just about anyone I know.



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