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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Giddy as a school girl...

Well, playoff season is fast approaching. And, as we all know, this year is very special. Yesterday, the Wings locked the Presidents' Trophy (meaning they will finish 1st overall for the regular season). The Pistons, currently stand as the favorite for the NBA's respective award. Simply amazing, and that cannot be said enough.

The Red Wings are getting old, and who knows, this could be the last Cup run for many of the veterans who collectively define this Wing's era. Stanley Cups, needless to say, are hard to come by. And this Wings team has won three for our great city... (Side note: Would have to research this a little, but as far as I know, the Wings have not changed their roster since that first Cup). I mean... Detroit has become Hockey Town... There is no other American city that has embraced its hockey team the way Detroit has for the past 10+ years. And, our boys in red and white, will need every bit of that support (if not more) for this run. This Cup could be very important. If they win a 4th... There is no more debate. Not Colorado... Sorry New Jersey... The Wings are simply the best of this era, hands down, and a dynasty... If you cannot use that word for what the Wings have accomplished in past 10+ years, then I'm not sure how to use it.

I remember being made a fool when I proclaimed "Big things are on the horizon for this Pistons team...", about 5 years ago. After Big Ben's first year, and before the second one was even close to under way... I declared him the best defensive player in the NBA... I was called a fool... Well, about 5 years later, here they are for the third straight year... Gearing up for another deep playoff run. Amazingly, like the Wings, they will most likely finish first overall for the regular season... Jesus, how lucky can we get?

Also, like the Wings, this playoff run is very important for this Piston's team (actually more important). After 2 over-achieving (as outsiders said at the time) 50 win seasons, the third ended with rings all around. What did the non-believers say? "L.A. lost it for themselves, and Detroit was lucky." Then throughout the next year the Pistons still never received the credit they deserved... Their game 7 loss to San Antonio only made it worse. Before this season bagan the Pistons were put below a handful of teams on most analyst's pre-season predictions. But, here they stand, with the best record in the league (currently)... And a very legitimate chance to seal there fate as one of the best NBA teams ever formed. Chauncey "buh-buh-buh" Billups has solidified his role as an NBA "super star"... I won't listen to an argument that says otherwise. Hands down, best point guard in the league, and if that doesn't make you a super star, I'm really not sure what does... (Shoe contract?... he has one of those too)... So, now that these Pistons have the "super star" everyone has been saying they needed for the last 5 years... Only that second championship (A third would make it undeniable) stands in the way of the amazing legacy, they have already begun to write...

Thank You Wings. Thank You Pistons... For making the last 134 years of Lions football, and the last 15 years of Tigers baseball... Completely irrelevant for a few months...



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