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Monday, April 10, 2006

Honorable Kicks

During the lead up to the NBA all-star game I was "surfing" ESPN's site, and I found myself looking at their all-star shoe preview. I used to be a bit of a basketball shoe buff back in my day(owned a pair of "Ewing's" no big deal), but after I cut my teeth in the work force, I realized that basketball shoes were one of the most over-priced pieces of Shiite; EVER known to man. On the site they showed Kobe, Duncan, Wade, Lebron, Nash, Iverson, and Shaq's all-star kicks...

Now, I know that I am not the first to point out that basketball shoes are retarded expensive. Yet, the problem as I see it; the situation is getting worse. This is exemplified by the fact that Tim Duncan's shoes (that have an effing micro chip processing something or other) cost $250. That is two-hundred and fifty... dollars. One more time, to really bring the point home, two-hundred and fifty dollars. Unlike Spreewell, I imagine Duncan is making enough just on his basketball salary to feed his kids... Even if he had 432... As well, I imagine, he doesn't lend his name to Addidas without a substantial check first. With that said, there is no possible explanation Duncan could give... that should lead anyone to buy his shoes. Now before I'm labeled a "Duncan hatin' Piston fan" I'd like to say I really like Duncan as a player. If I were a GM, I would want him on my team, absolutely no doubt. He also, isn't the only person that deserves flak. The rest of those players on the list all have shoes that average around $140. Except for one.

Shaq To The Rescue !!!

Yes, put the kids to bed folks, because I bought those magnificent beauties at Kmart (they go for 35 bucks and have real leather action). I'm not going to make Shaq sound like some kind of American Hero. Because he isn't. Not one bit. He is a man who makes millions to play a game, and that is crazy. But, seems to me that there will always be people with more than they need or deserve... So if they all were more like Shaq... I'd like to think things would be a tiny bit better. Well, I feel a tear coming, I'd better go smash something, before it surfaces.



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