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Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Scoop

In an article on, "Christmas in July?", Scoop Jackson offers an interesting theory on Big Ben's short flight to Chicago. He seems to believe that the Bulls could have swayed Ben by promising to bring Kevin Garnet to town... Perhaps this is true... Perhaps it isn't... But, it is very interesting to consider. First of all, I agree with Scoop in that Garnett is not coming to Chi-Town. They would have to offer one of their top guys (Gordon, Heimlik, or Macaroni). So unless they are willing to part with one of those players... KG probably ain't coming.

I do, however, pray that is the sole reason why Ben showed off his amazing Benedict Arnold impression... Because if that is the case... I relish thinking about how miserable he will be when it doesn't happen... (I would imagine that isn't the case though)

One more thing about the article... Scoop writes:

All of a sudden, a shift in the basketball landscape could be
felt inside the city. Like a change was gonna come. Like Shaq
won't have his best games of the playoffs against us anymore.

I hate to tell you Scoop, and all of the other Bulls fans out there... Shaq played his best series against the Pistons. Although I didn't watch much of the Bulls/Heat series - I know that statistically Shaq's numbers vs. the Bulls and Pistons in the playoffs were basically the same. Shaq even averaged 2 more points a game vs. the Pistons (see the full stats here). And watching almost every minute of the Pistons/Heat series... Ben was not so impressive against this year's more in shape and determined playoff Shaq. So... if the Bulls are hoping he can stop Shaq... they weren't watching the Pistons/Heat series.


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