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Friday, June 09, 2006

game 1 done

First, the fact that Dirk Nowitzki played a horrible offensive game should worry the heat. That should happen only once more at most. Well, assuming Dirk is worthy of his new-found playoff rep.

Second... If Jason Terry has 2 games left, like this first, I really like Dallas' chances. I saw, maybe read somewhere that Dallas is 6-0 (I think, but it is something like that for sure) in the playoffs when Terry goes for 20+...

Third, Antoine Walker shot 19 shots. Shaq shot 11. They both scored 17 points. There is absolutely no way Miami will even win 2 games if that trend is not squashed right now. If Walker doesn't settle down... Riley might have a world's record 343 heart attacks at one time.

Fourth, I absolutely... utterly... 100%... hate the coverage ABC/ESPN has done through out the playoffs. I hate the marketing scheme that has become the NBA. The announcers justify every decision the refs make for either team. They constantly explain the simplest of rules. I believe the foul shot lane violation has been explained 1,000,000 times now. I hate that. I really wish the TNT crew was doing the Finals, because they are retarded better, and not Stern suck asses.

Fifth, did I mention Antoine Walker took 8 more shots than Shaq???

Dwyane Wade put up 28, but on 25 shots. That is nowhere near as effective as he has been all playoffs long. 10 shots from Wade/Walker should have been Shaq's... They absolutely have no other chance to win... unless Shaq takes 20 shots... Some might bring up his free throw shooting, and it was horrible... but he still put up 17 points on 11 shots... That is extremely efficient. Walker/Wade combined for 34 points on 35 shots... Not effective... Not to mention that if Shaq is getting the ball, and making shots, he becomes very active on the other end.

Did I mentioned 'Toine' took 8 more shots than Shaq??? I did??? Sorry, I just love that... What a jack ass.

Anybody catch the pre-game interview of Bill Russell? You have one of the all time greats, and what do they ask him about? What his role in ending the Shaq/Kobe feud was... well, I can answer that... nothing... Because YOU ARE STILL FRIGGIN' BRINGING IT UP ON NATIONAL TELEVISION.... I HATE YOU ABC... 2 years ago this was old news... and now, Kobe out of the playoffs I believe 4 months ago (something like that)... is still being brought up... WHY???? Jesus, I hate ABC.

19th, how ridiculous was it to watch Stack being patched up to shoot those free throws after being elbowed in the nose. Dallas had to burn at least 1 time out, maybe 2, in order to get enough band-aids on to shoot the free throws, and then take him out... What if that happened with 1 minute left in the game? Does Dallas have to use the rest of its timeouts, because Shaq 'accidentaly' crushed his nose? (OK, it wasn't exactly a Malone/Alonzo elbow, but it didn't seem like a complete accident either) My point is only that if blood is drawn, then maybe there should be some type of emergency rule to stop the game long enough to stop the blood... Because if it is late in a close game, Dallas is confronted with the choice of burning precious time-outs, or giving the free-throws to someone else... and then Stack can't come back in the game... That is a flaw.

Well, overall, a great game 1. I believe this series will live up to its hype.

Warning to Dallas: Look out for the games where Miami gets a little help from the zebras. Because there were a couple of no calls on Wade I noticed (they were correct as no calls) that I believe will be fouls in Miami. A couple of times, while driving to the basket, Wade forced contact... with no call... and missed the shot. I don't imagine the series being called that way for its entirety.

Riles a genius? I must admit that I am a bit young to have watched (and comprehended) Riley's past coaching triumphs. Although, he is hailed as a great coach, and with the success he has had, I refuse to argue it. One thing I find odd is that whenever analysts talk about him, it is always about his motivation skills. Yesterday, I want to say it was Marc Jackson, was talking about how he will show the team videos of great players... Also, there is constant talk about some stupid mystery prize, or some crap, for the players... This is Riley's geniusity??? Avery Johnson is running different defenses. Getting Dirk (and the team) to play a defensive minded game. Taking Dallas to a level they have never seen. But, Riley... he is a great storyteller and motivator.... Can someone please point out something he has done that is tangible? I agree that the team seems to be a bit more cohesive, but it was only not cohesive... because he blew it up, and brought in a couple of brats (Walker and GP)... Now, in game 1... with a chance to steal a game in Dallas... Walker takes 8 more shots (have I mentioned that) than Shaq, and missed 12 of 19... and Miami loses... Maybe Riley should tell the story of how selfish brats don't get PT... and especially don't get very expensive rings at the end of the season... Yeah, that is a good one...

Add On: Ok I had to add this on... I'm listening to Rome, and his take on Shaq not getting the ball enough... is basically "what do you expect, you were shooting horrible from the free throw line"... So, I guess he's suggesting that Dallas will go to hack-a-shaq... Well, first as I already pointed out... Shaq had 17 points on 11 shots... Very effective, regardless of free throw misses. Second, can someone please tell me a series that Shaq's team has lost, because "hak-a-shaq" worked??? Please, Rome... let me know which series that was... where Shaq lost a series at the free throw line...


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