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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Random Thoughting

First, whoever wins the Eastern Conference will win the NBA Championship. I watched most of the Suns/Mavs game yesterday (I fell asleep before the end), and although it was a very fun and exciting game to watch, neither of those teams will be winning a championship this year. Both teams better hope the Pistons come through to the finals, because they most suredly will not have a chance against Miami. Miami is way way way to big and tough for the Suns especially, but the Mavs as well.

Second, Chauncey Billups is still more deserving of the MVP than Steve Nash. Although, he had better start playing like it. He has made several comments indicating he believes he should have been MVP this year... Well, Chauncey, I agree... The only problem is, I can't prove it, unless you start playing like it. Jason Williams and Gary Payton??? What the hell???... First of all, I'm not sure Jason Williams could cover me... and Gary Payton is older than the crust between Shaq's toes. Now step up already... Come out, score 24 on 15 shots... 11 assists... 4 boards... and keep doing that for the rest of the series... Because that is what an MVP does.

Rasheed... PLEASE... for the love of god... stop hanging out with Uncle Cliff between games. We need you to be there (mentally) every game. You don't have to score 20 points every night, but grab some boards, hussle, and play some D... We fans in Detroit provided you an amazing opportunity... To be loved. You completely turned your reputation around here, and you owe us... Come to play. And Flip, if he doesn't... keep him out of the game... It is just way too late in the season to take games off. Now, I don't believe his ankle is that big of a factor. He has had good games since the sprain. If it is the ankle then give more time to Dice and Dale Davis. Joe Dumars picked them up for a reason, and if Sheed is so hobbled by the ankle that he is ineffective, than they NEED to play. With Shaq and Zo playing well, we can't afford to have Sheed not playing close to 100%...

Also, I would like to see Davis and Ben Wallace play together at least for a few minutes. Put Ben on Antoine Walker, and Davis on Zo or Shaq. That way Ben can stay out on Walker, eliminating his outside shot (and I don't think Walker can or desires to drive on Ben), and keep Davis' big body on Shaq. Also, Dale Davis can put Wade on his ass on one of his drives. Put a little fear in him. Make him think about being knocked down when he drives.

Where is Tony Delk?????? Don't tell me that Delk didn't have an impact when he joined the team. The addition to Delk, in my mind, really solidified the bench. You had Hunter and Delk... and now no Delk. Why? I really don't understand this. I know Hunter plays good defense, but if he shoots 1 for 7, then his defensive effort really doesn't matter. Because offensively he becomes a liability. This is not to say Hunter's defensive efforts are not necessary. They are. But, if the offense is not clicking, we need a spark. Which I thought Delk provided quite well in the regular season.

Final Note: With all that said, if Chuancey and Rip just start playing like they did through the regular season, we should be alright. They need to be more effective on the offensive end. During the regular season they combined to average 1.34 points per shot. If they had hit that mark in game 1, they would have had nearly 14 more points between them. They claim to be the best backcourt in the league... Well, right now, they aren't playing like it.


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