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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Finals Time...

Well, the Pistons won't be playing in this year's NBA Finals... Which sucks, but listening to Joe Dumars on Stoney and Wojo yesterday did make me feel a little better. He said he was "dissapointed" that Delfino had not played more this year. Which I really like to hear. I am a big fan of Delfino. Have been since seeing him in pre-season action last season. I just think the guy can play... and needs to. Enough about the Pistons though.

These Finals are going to be great. My early prediction was that Miami/Detroit would win, but I'm not so sure anymore. I have been a Dirk fan for a while. You have to love a 7 footer with 2 guard skillzzz. But, he has taken his game farther than most (including me) expected. He has reached a new level of "goodness"... A level very few reach. He is unstoppable. I believe he will be the best player on the court through this series, and that is always a good thing to have in your corner. Shaq may have similar numbers when all is said and done, but Dirk is much more active and capable of game changing intangibles... Chasing rebounds and loose balls etc. My early prediction of Miami winning was based on how easily Miami beat the Pistons. As a Piston die hard, I believed that a team so good to beat the Pistons can't possibly lose a series... But, on reflection the Pistons just weren't as good as the regular season indicated... and so I have to give Dallas the credit they deserve.

This series should be a classic, and if it isn't... Nobody will have guessed that.



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