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Friday, May 26, 2006

Bout Time

Well, the Detroit Pistons we all new and loved during the last 5 years decided to show up yesterday. Chauncey and Rip were a lot more efficient on the offensive end (1.29 points per shot between them), and Rasheed Wallace told Uncle Cliff he couldn't hang out. Also, Flip decided to put a little faith in his bench, and it paid off... I would have wrote that Flip should play Delfino, but I honestly thought there was no way in hell Delfino was going to see any PT for the next 2 years. Delfino was very effective against Miami in one game during the regular season (I believe the last regular season game against Miami). I still think Delfino's defensive skills fly under the radar. He has quick feet and a good mental awareness of what is going on. He puts himself in good positions, even when the man he is guarding is not involved in the play. I would like to see him get a few more minutes, and a little freedom on offense. He may be able to find a rhythm, and put up a few points.

Most importantly, the Pistons played their game, and that is why they won. That crap at the end of the game shouldn't worry anyone. I know it was not what you want, but I wouldn't put too much thought into it.

Note: Ben Wallace played Shaq great yesterday. People always say that you could call an offensive foul on Shaq every time he makes a move with the ball. Which is true, but a lot of times, you could call a defensive foul as well. Most people guard Shaq (and Ben does it at times as well) by pushing him with all their force, trying to keep him from getting to the basket. When Big Ben "chests up" on him they call the offensive foul (at least they did a few times yesterday)... The only problem with that is you have to take about 15 shots to the chest and face that would kill the average man. But, Ben is Ben, and well... I'm pretty sure he could take a kick to the chest by a Kentucky Derby winning stallion, and not get knocked down...

Final Comment: I read a quote by Rip to the effect of how the Pistons need to go to Miami and take one... Well, I would like them to go in with the mentality that they are going to take both games, and well, pretty much wrap up the series. Not to say they would just because of that mentality, but I would still like them keep game 2's intensity through the rest of this series.



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