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Monday, June 19, 2006

a stolen victory

Yes, the zebras in fact stole that game from Dallas yesterday. There is no argument I have heard or seen that can make that not true. That last shot, by Wade, should not have been called a foul... Absolutely 100%... that was a no call... Did Nowitzki contact Wade?... sure... But, you could probably call that on just about every drive in every NBA game... there is always a bit of contact... And, with 3 seconds left in OT, of the NBA Finals, there is no way that call should have been made. No Way. Why not call Wade for the obvious push off right before the shot? It was there... why didn't they call that? Because you don't call push offs with 3 seconds left... and YOU DON'T CALL STUPID, NON FOULS WITH 3 SECONDS LEFT... SENDING WADE TO THE LINE TO WIN THE GAME.

Below there is a picture of Wade right before he puts up the shot. What you see is 3 completely wide open Heat players. What does that mean? Wade, basically going 1 on 4... pushing off... out of control... puts up a stupid shot. The refs just bailed him out. I hate the fact that the analysts point out Dirk's hand slightly brushing Wades back... or whatever it did... Look, if you know basketball... you know that is a "no-call" situation... Especially, after Wade pushes off... which is another "no-call" situation. Wade was out of control... had wide open teammates... and still put up a shot... A combination that refs would never reward... unless you are Dwyane "the future" Wade... which is just crap... The announcers for ABC have been doing this all playoffs... Whatever the refs call, they find any way possible to justify it...
Dirk is getting flak, for not having a typical Dirk game. Well, he doesn't totally deserve it. He still shot a decent percentage, he just didn't get to the line. He still hit what should have been the winning basket... and he made a great pass before that... He missed a free throw, but, had the refs not made one of the worst calls in NBA Finals history, he would have hit the winning shot... and took his team back to Dallas with a 3-2 advantage. Not to mention... You have to give Dirk a little credit for freeing up his teammates. Dirk is being smothered, and it is creating great opportunities for Terry/Howard.

With all that said... There is the Stackhouse suspension as well... David Stern, I used to like you... but I have a feeling you are going to ruin the NBA... at least from the perspective of a true basketball fan... not a "hype whore"...


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