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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Well, I have to believe that Miami is going to pull it together tonight and win this game. I'm not totally sure what I am basing that off of though. Perhaps just the law of officiating (one of Newton's finest)?... I figure they do not go down 3-0... But with my increasing dislike for this Heat team... I will say that I hope they do lose. Although that would also most certainly mean not much NBA basketball left, and that would be disappointing.

Now, after 2 undisciplined games by Walker, I believe Riley should be able to keep him under control for this one. Although it may be too late. I know that Walker had a decent stat line in game 2, but in my humble opinion, he was absolutely horrible. Especially in the first half (when it really mattered). He scored a little in the second half, but the game had already spun out of control in favor of Dallas at that point. I hate Antoine Walker. I think he is selfish and horrible. He is able to score at times, but his overall basketball knowledge is turr-ubble. At times he is completely and utterly out of control. In game 2 there was one play in particular that nearly made me laugh. He had the ball at the top of the key... drove in... did this out of control 360... and threw up a ridiculous left handed layup/hookshot hybrid that bounced off the backboard no where near the rim. Classic Antoine Walker. If Miami loses this series... I'm pretty sure Shaq will attack and eat Antoine Walker (you heard it here first)...

The Miami Heat need to come up with something to stop Dirk. Game 3 is really his time to shine. Going to Miami... Dallas may find themselves in a bit of a comfortable state of mind up 2-0. Dirk, however, is the one player for Dallas who can't have that attitude. He needs to take this game over if need be. He had 26 points last game, but that is merely his average.

To solidify his rep, he needs a 35+ game... and when better to do it than game 3. His place in "current legendry" is already written... regardless of game 3... but, what would the experts say if he blows up for 40 tonight, and quite possibly puts an end to Shaq's career???... and begins the new revolution???... The Dirkonian Center. I must say, I have always liked Shaq.... I think he is funny... and "classic Shaq" was an amazing animal to watch... But a 7 footer who shoots the trey, drives, and pretty much does anything else you can imagine... makes for a very entertaining basketball game...

Well, I hope whoever wins, this game is close. The first two, especially game 2, were not the classic "decided at the last minute" games I had hoped for.

Final Thought: Miami is only 2 losses away from having Riley's off season moves blow up in his face... Which, as someone who thought they would, would really like to see it happen. I mean... who doesn't like to be right... ya know??? Plus, have I mentioned I hate Antoine Walker?



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