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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Makes Sense to Me

According to the article, NBA announces postseason seeding format change, the NBA has actually made some rule changes that will improve the league.

Previously, the first 3 playoff seeds were given to the 3 division leaders (according to regular season wins and losses). The 4th seed going to the next best record.

If you remember in the playoffs that just passed, Dallas and San Antonia squared off in the second round... even though they had the top two records in the West (But they played in the same division).

The changes the NBA made will make the above scenario impossible (which is a good thing). Instead the top 4 seeds will still go to the 3 division leaders and the next best record. But each teams records will decide which seed (1-4) the team actually gets. So the 3rd place team of the whole NBA (Dallas last year) will not end up as the 4th seed of just the Western Conference (which is what happened, and made no sense at all).

There are also some rule changes for timeouts at the end of games and overtime. Which will make the end of games a little quicker... Which I am a fan of, because the last 2 minutes of close games seemed to drag on for about 25 minutes.



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