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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bulls V Pistons

Been a bit busy lately, but here is a link you should check out. (Again, I have no idea why I pretend there is someone reading this, when I know damn well there isn't. Or why I pretend to have been busy lately) The article, from The Sporting News can be found by clicking here. Ira Winderman writes that the Pistons still have the edge over the Bulls... at least when playoff time comes around. Which, unless they add someone else (which seems unlikely), I would have to completely agree with him. Below he illustrates a particular argument on why he (and I agree) believe the Pistons would still beat the Bulls in the playoffs.

Go ahead, score at home: Rasheed vs. Ben? Antonio McDyess vs. Andres Nocioni? Prince vs. Luol Deng? Hamilton vs. Kirk Hinrich? Billups vs. Ben Gordon or Chris Duhon? This judge's card: 4-1 Pistons, with Nocioni getting a slight nod over McDyess at power forward.

I believe eventually Big Ben is going to regret his decision to leave the Pistons. What he had here he can never regain. Unless he leads the Bulls to a championship... which I really don't see happening... he will never be loved in Chicago like he was loved in Detroit. Ben could have ended his career here, with a better chance at another title (perhaps), and walked right into the pages of Detroit Legendry... Instead, he goes to Chicago... Where if a championship is not delivered in the next 2 years... and if his productivity is not at "max contract" level... those Chicago fans will not be happy paying him another 2 years (to say the least). Then again, the Bulls may pull off a trade (which would be essential for a championship run), and win the title. In which case... Ben probably won't regret it... Time will only tell.

Side Note: Joe Dumars was interviewed on WDFN yesterday, and was asked if the Pistons organization was unwilling to pay the luxury tax... According to Dumars they actually did pay it... the year they won the championship. They also interviewed Davidson (the owner)... who basically said there are a select amount of players in the league (very few) who are worth maximum contracts, and Ben was just not one of them on that list. When asked who on the current roster was... Davidson declined to answer.

Side Side Note: At home there sits a mini Big Ben bobble head doll. Every time I see it I say to myself, "Why... why, Ben, why?" Then I slowly wipe away the tear rolling down my cheek. Soon the season will start, and the bobble head must come down... But it didn't have to... It didn't have to, Ben.