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Monday, May 22, 2006

The kid is good.

After watching Lebron James over the course of the Piston/Cavs series it become very evident that James is something special. He really is THAT good. Here is yet another reason to add in favor of "Bron" being destined as the next "Insert a host of names here"...

After watching the Pistons swarm Lebron with all types of defensive looks; one must remember that some of it would not have been possible just a short while ago. Very recently did the rules change in favor of allowing zone defenses. Which is what the Pistons were doing (in a sense) when they were guarding Lebron most effectively.

One strategy in particular that seemed to work well, was having someone (who was not guarding James) to float about halfway between James and the hoop. This allowed the defender to be right in his face in order not to allow easy jumpers, while also forcing James to recognize that if he got past one defender, there was another waiting.

Without zone defense the Pistons could not have played Lebron quite in that way. Making Lebron's job even harder. Making his accomplishments even greater. That kid is something else... and only going to get better every year... for probably at least the next 8 years. Just wait until he is hitting his 3s at 40 percent... Not to mention when he becomes a regular memeber of the NBA's top defensive team (and yes he will).

Too bad that eventually Lebron will really be giving the Pistons a run for their money... In which case I will have to despise him even more than Jordan.


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