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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Evans grabs 2 Kamans...

Here we have maybe the most effective rebounding technique ever to hit the hard court. Yes, "The Lobster" made its debut just a few days ago. So let's take a closer look.

As you can see, like all rebounding techniques, positioning is key. You must be behind your opponent. The elbow is bent at nearly a 90 degree angle. Next, all four fingers must be extended and touching, except the thumb which remains on its own(similar to a lobster claw). You can see that Reggie Evans has his man (Chris Kaman) right where he wants him. Kaman's legs are separated enough to allow Evans to go in for the kill.

To the right you can see the execution of "The Lobster". It is very important that the reach be performed quickly and out of eyesight of any referees. With positioning in place, and the Refs unable to see... Evans goes for the kill. With one swift move his hand is quickly around his opponent's "Kamans". A quick, and most likely painfull tug (for the recipient), ensues. This distracts the opponent and allows Evans a better chance at grabbing the rebound.


  • Shown below, Evans was shoved to the ground as a result of implementing "The Lobster".
  • Also, he was fined $10,000 (A non-factor for amateurs).
  • Performing this move results in touching another man's testicles-100% of the time.
  • After you have performed "The Lobster" many people will begin to question just what team you are really batting for.

If you would like to see this move performed in its entirety go here.



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