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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Exclusive Report.

Blue Collar Sports has recieved an exclusive report. The driver, for the moving company hired by Brendan Shanahan, sent us this email:

......He insisted, that before we left Detroit... He, had to urinate on it one last time. Had I not been as professional as I am... I would have given him a good right hand to the chops. Nobody, I repeat, NOBODY pees on my city and gets away with it. That asshole. Let him go to New York with all the other public urinating scum. We'll see who's pissing on who when the playoffs roll around, and Brendan is in the locker room pissing himself... What an ass. I'm just glad I had my digital on me so I could snap this picture, and let the whole city know what Brendan thinks of it.


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