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Monday, April 20, 2009

Roar - More like bore (a play on words)

The people running the show at Ford Field can’t be serious. Oh wait, they are.

The Lions’ new jerseys is the biggest non-story of the century. In fact, it is the Lions’ thesis under old Billy Clay.

Here's what last season amounted to - the worst record ever and the worst record possible – you’ll always be number one, or at best, tied for it.

So, the ad-wizards down at Lions central hype up some uniform change like there isn't a recession going on - and there is, I promise.

When I first saw it I could hardly tell the difference between the so-called new logo and the previous. The lion now has fangs and a more prominent paw.


This is the lamest "redesign" imaginable. The jerseys – aside from the logo change – are almost exactly the same. Maybe, if you put the old and new next to each other, I would see some miniscule difference – but that’s about it.

This uber-subtleness should ruin any chance of an effective marketing campaign. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to buy a new jersey (your old jersey will look just fine). Which is really why any of these teams do make this kind of change – they want more money.

Sure it will be marketed as some kind of philosophical rebranding, but nobody should honestly think this will have any impact on the player's attitudes. Even if a logo change could do that – what kind of change would be sparked by the Lions’ new emblem - slight?

This really just goes to show how inept the people who are calling the shots for the Lions really are.

I could run this team better. There is no doubt. Just give me good accountants to crunch my numbers... and maybe a team of like 8 others. I'll pick my favorite sports writers or broadcasters to run it with me – and my dad. And we'll put together a good marketing team.

We couldn't do ANY worse. Really, we couldn't. And we wouldn't insult our customer base by tweaking our image 2 percent and donning it a new era.

This franchise has sucked the life out of a lot of people. I need only write "Barry Sanders" and the Lion faithful shall now bow their head in a moment of silence.

Jim, may the Schwartz be with you.

~Marty Feldspar


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